Facial Implants Market USD 2.48 Billion in 2023

The global facial implants market size was USD 2.48 Billion in 2023 and is expected to register a revenue CAGR of 8.2% during the forecast period. Rising adoption of non- invasive cosmetic surgeries among old age population to look aesthetically presentable, ,increase in number of cosmetic surgeries and facial implants primarily attributed to growing cases of face injuries across the globe, and increase in volume of face reconstructive surgeries due to non-fatal injuries or facial deformities are major factors driving market revenue growth. Facial implants are specially formed solid materials compatible with human tissues that are designed to enhance the physical structure of face.

Although any part of face can be enhanced by implants, cheeks, chin, and jaw are the most frequently used areas. Cosmetic surgery is a powerful tool for boosting confidence and self-worth. Aesthetic procedures enhance a person’s look and make them feel confident about themselves, hence reducing unneeded tension while boosting self-assurance. Rhinoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery that involves repairing and reshaping nose, as breathing through a nose that is malformed or injured, can cause health problems such as nasal congestion, asthma, tooth decay, snoring, and sleep apnea. This also improves sleep quality, lessens snoring, and reduces issues with sleep apnea, which in turn, is driving market revenue growth. According to research, in 2020 there were 352,555 procedures of nose reshaping took place.

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Implants can augment any area of the face such as face lift surgery, lip lift surgery, eyelids surgery, and others, which are driving market revenue growth. For instance, eyelids sag downward owing to the eyelid muscle stretching, which is known as ptosis. As a result, these issues can be resolved by cosmetic surgery called blepharoplasty, therefore, it helps to open up eyes to increase vision, which in turn, is also driving market revenue growth. The intended result of this procedure is to enhance facial features and create a balanced appearance on the face. According to research, in 2020 there were 325,112 procedures of eyelid surgery.

Facial implants drastically enhance facial features, especially cheeks, which is one of the key factors driving market revenue growth. The extension of cheekbones is increased through cheek implants. After reconstructive surgery for cancer, or a severe injury, cheek implants help the face to look more natural again. This is an excellent cosmetic choice that aids in offering better shape so that features are nicely augmented with better definition. As a result, total appearance is perfectly balanced and face becomes even more alluring, which in turn, is driving market revenue growth.

Market Dynamics:

Driver: Technological advancement for facial implants

Technological advancement for facial implants is the primary factor driving revenue growth of the market. Design and usage of implants have been transformed by the introduction of Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing ((CAD/CAM). Utilizing CAD/CAM tools offers more precise implant design, more efficient surgical planning, and customized results, which in turn, is driving market revenue growth. In addition, it aids in preventing common implant-fit issues that might arise with conventional off-the-shelf implants. Custom-made cranial implants provide significant improvements for both reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. Furthermore, dead space within these implants used to contain implantable neuromodulation devices for treatment of Central Nervous System (CNS) ailments including movement disorders, epilepsy, hydrocephalus, and chronic pain, which in turn, is driving market revenue growth.

Medical silicon is commonly used for facial implants and is a solid implant material. Facial implants are meant to be permanent although they can be removed if desired. A vulcanized variety of polysiloxane is solid silicone, also known as silicone rubber used in facial implants. Solid silicone has various benefits such as it can be carved with either scissors or a scalpel, stabilized with a screw or a suture, and sanitized by steam or irradiation, which is driving market revenue growth.

Restraint: Complications caused by facial implants cosmetic procedures such as nerve injury, edema, and infection

There are several complications caused by facial implant cosmetic procedures, such as nerve injury, edema, infection, and long-lasting scarring, are which is a major factor hindering market revenue growth. Moreover, any surgical operation results in blood loss, which causes a blood pressure drop that could be fatal. Internal bleeding can occur after surgery as well as on the operating table. Infections might cause the removal of implant, as well as insufficient implant attachment and incorrect positioning cause postoperative displacement, which in turn, is hindering market revenue growth.

Skin swelling surgery conceals underlying abnormalities or asymmetries that eventually become apparent. New abnormalities or asymmetries develop after weeks or months of surgery owing to unpredictable recovery or reactions to surgical procedures. Mild skin reddening may occur, which is another factor hindering market revenue growth.

Key Takeaways

Product Outlook:     

Based on product, global facial implants market is segmented into chin and mandibular, cheek, nasal, and injectable. The chin and mandibular segment accounted for a significant revenue share in 2021. A surgical operation called chin augmentation is done to improve the projection and general contour of chin, which is an essential facial component that contributes significantly to overall facial beauty. It enhances the harmony of face by adjusting chin’s ratio to other facial features as well as boosting a chin that is weak or sunken. It also improves neck and jawline shape, which in turn, is driving market revenue growth of this segment. Genioplasty, often known as chin augmentation, is a frequent treatment done in facial cosmetic surgery to enhance facial appearance. According to research, up to 25% of patients undergoing cosmetic rhinoplasty benefit from chin implantation, which is most frequently used in conjunction with rhinoplasty to achieve a harmonic nose-chin relationship and aesthetically acceptable profile.

Material Outlook:

Based on material, global facial implants market is segmented into metal, biologicals, polymers, and ceramic. The ceramic segment is expected to register a significant revenue growth rate over the forecast period. High temperatures are typically used to sinter ceramic materials, which will fuse crystalline components of the material. Hydroxyapatite is one ceramic that is frequently utilized for implants in craniofacial surgery. Ceramic implants are a metal-free, tooth-colored alternative that functions and looks-like a natural tooth. This is the ideal application for patients with metal sensitivity who want permanent comfortable teeth. Ceramic dental implants provide a tooth-colored implant for a more natural appearance and are metal-free options with high biocompatibility, which is driving market revenue growth of this segment.

Procedure Outlook:

Based on procedure, global facial implants market is segmented into eyelid surgery, facelift, and rhinoplasty. The rhinoplasty segment is expected to register a moderate revenue share over the forecast period. Rhinoplasty (RIE-no-plas-tee) is a surgical procedure that alters the shape of nose by changing appearance of nose. The upper portion of nose’s structure is bone, while the lower portion is cartilage. Rhinoplasty surgery alters bone, cartilage, and skin. Therefore, nose’s appearance improved, while facial features are balanced and harmonious, which in turn, is driving market revenue growth of this segment.

Shape Outlook:

Based on shape, global facial implants market is segmented into anatomical facial implants, oval facial implants, and round facial implants. The anatomical facial implants segment is expected to register a significant revenue share over the forecast period. Usage of anatomical facial implants for facial contouring represents localized enhancements of facial skeleton, which are then conveyed to skin’s surface via muscles, connective tissue, and fat. On the other hand, fat transfer restores fullness within the soft tissues. As a result, both methods improve facial surface contouring. Implants are custom-made for each patient and can be small, moderate, or large in size. Chin implants are the most commonly used solution for improving appearance of receding chins. It is a simple surgical procedure that adds volume and structure to the jaw without altering patient’s natural anatomy. All these factors significantly drive market revenue growth of this segment.

End-Use Outlook:

Based on end-use, global facial implants market is segmented into hospitals, trauma centers, specialty clinics, and Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC). The ambulatory surgical centers segment is expected to register a significant revenue share over the forecast period. Ambulatory surgery centers are modern healthcare facilities that specialize in same-day surgical care, as well as diagnostic and preventive procedures. Compared to the admissions process at most hospitals, an ambulatory surgical center has significantly less administrative paperwork and red tape. In a specialized ASC, preparing an operating room for next patient takes much less time than in a standard hospital. Furthermore, improved efficiency allows surgeon to treat more patients in the same amount of time, which is driving revenue growth.

Regional Outlook:

The North America market is expected to register a significant revenue growth rate over the forecast period. Development of cutting-edge facial implants, rise in demand for minimally invasive surgeries, and availability of a sophisticated healthcare system for face procedures are major factors driving market revenue growth. In addition, rising facial deformity cases owing to increased commercialization is another factor driving market revenue growth of this region to some extent. Moreover, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the usage of dermal fillers to smooth or plump the face, including nasolabial, cheeks, chin, lips, and back of hands is also expected to drive market revenue growth of this region. According to research, USD 16.7 Billion was spent on cosmetic procedures in the U.S.

The Asia Pacific market is expected to be the fastest growing market over the forecast period owing to huge untapped possibilities, economic growth, rising patient awareness levels, and continuously developing healthcare infrastructure. In addition, rising demand for aesthetic procedures, such as augmentation rhinoplasty in countries including India and China, is driving market revenue growth of this region. Moreover, developments in medical technology and rise of digital media or social networking sites are also expected to drive market revenue growth to some extent.

The Europe market accounted for a moderate revenue share in 2021. People are spending a lot of money to improve their physical appearance as a result of rising disposable income, changing lifestyles, and expansion of fashion and modeling industries in countries such as Germany and the UK. Cosmetic procedures with fewer incisions are also becoming more popular owing to various benefits, such as faster healing, fewer hospitalizations, less discomfort, and better outcomes, which in turn, is driving market revenue growth of this region.

Competitive Landscape:

Competitive landscape of the global facial implants market is fragmented with a number of key players operating on global and regional levels. Key players are engaged in product development and strategic alliances to expand their respective product portfolios and gain a robust footing in the global market. Some major companies profiled in the market report include Zimmer Biomet, Johnson & Johnson Private Limited., Stryker, Sientra, Inc., Integra LifeSciences, Medartis AG, Eurosurgical Ltd., Hanson Medical Inc., Acumed LLC., a Colson Medical, and Anthony Products, Inc.

  • On 3 November 2021, U.S. Oral Surgery Management, a specialized management services firm that only serves leading oral and maxillofacial surgeons, announced a new collaboration with the Center for Oral, Facial, & Implant Surgery. This consists of four physicians and three locations in Chattanooga, Cleveland, and Fort Oglethorpe, Tennessee, and Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia.

Segments Covered in the report

This report offers historical data and forecasts revenue growth at a global, regional, and country level, and provides analysis of market trends in each of sub-segments from 2023 to 2032. For the purpose of this report, has segmented the global facial implants market based on product, material, procedure, shape, end-use, and region:

Facial Implants Market Report Scope

Segments covered By Product Outlook, Material Outlook, Procedure Outlook, Shape Outlook, End-Use Outlook, Regional Outlook

By Product Outlook       

Chin and Mandibular




By Material Outlook      





By Procedure Outlook  

Eyelid Surgery



By Shape Outlook           

Anatomical Facial Implants

Oval Facial Implants

Round Facial Implants

By End-Use Outlook      


Trauma Center

Specialty Clinics

Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Regional scope

North America


Asia Pacific

Latin America

Middle East & Africa

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