Microtome Market Size USD 134.2 Million in 2022

The global microtome market size was USD 134.2 Million in 2021 and is expected to register a revenue CAGR of 6.2% during the forecast period. Increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, rise in number of routine tissue examinations, and rapidly increasing elderly population are some key factors expected to drive market revenue growth over the forecast period. Rapid technological advancements in microtome devices is another factor expected to drive revenue growth of the market going ahead.

Rising number of routine tissue examinations in clinical laboratories and hospitals as a result of increased awareness regarding the advantages of early detection of different diseases, especially cancer, is another major factor expected to continue to drive market growth. Advancements in microscopy-based diagnostics devices have resulted in development of more accurate sample collection equipment, including ultra-microtomes – often referred to as ultra times. Consolidation of diagnostics labs has resulted in increased need for automated and high-performance devices. Technological advancements in microtome devices are expected to boost microtome device adoption, thereby fueling microtome market growth. Research and development activities are being prioritized by major players in the industry in order to deliver new and more innovative solutions to customers. Technologically improved devices enable healthcare practitioners to get precise tissue size and thickness, which provide crucial diagnostic details. These factors are expected to boost revenue growth of the market over the forecast period. However, high cost of devices and complex and expensive maintenance are some key factors expected to restrain market growth to a certain extent over the forecast period.

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Market Dynamics:
Driver: Increasing prevalence of chronic diseases

Cancer is among the major causes of death globally, and the number of histopathological tests is rising as cancer prevalence rises. For identifying the onset of cancer, a tissue pathological examination is required for the identification of a malignant tumor. Rising cancer rates and increased awareness about earlier diagnostic procedures are expected to increase the adoption of microtomes over the forecast period. Pathologists can use biopsy tissue analysis to determine the type of cancer, stage, and extent of disease spreading. Additionally, rising cancer screenings awareness campaigns initiated by organizations such as the National Cervical Cancer Coalition, World Health Organization (WHO), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are boosting the market growth. Microtome tools are precise instruments built of steel, diamond, or other materials which are used to cut tiny bodily tissues. Tissue examination is used to diagnose the existence of tumor cells in oncological disorders. As a result, microtome tools serve a critical role in properly removing specific tissue, which is expected to propel market revenue growth.

Restraint: High cost of microtome devices is a key growth restraining factor

Cost of microtome devices is high due to the complexities of the advanced process, which is expected to limit the adoption of such devices among end-users, which in turn is expected to hamper the market growth over the forecast period. In addition, the maintenance of microtome devices is complex and costly as three main parts of microtome including base (microtome body), knife attachment and knife, and material or tissue holder are expensive, which is expected to restrain the market growth to some extent over the forecast period.

Product Outlook:

Based on product, the global microtome market has been segmented into rotary microtomes, microtome instruments, vibrating microtomes, laser microtomes, ultramicrotomes, cryomicrotomes, sledge microtomes, cryostat microtomes, saw microtomes, sliding microtomes, freezing microtome, hand microtome, compresstome microtomes, and accessories. Laser microtomes segment is expected to account for largest revenue share in the global market over the forecast period. Laser microtome was developed to cut specimens with greater accuracy and is used for precise, non-contact sectioning. This procedure comprises cutting-edge femtosecond laser technology and allows for non-contact cutting into biological tissues and other materials without inflicting heat damage. Slice thicknesses of 10 to 100 micrometers (mm) are possible based on the conditions being processed. The laser microtome offers extra benefits of non-contact processing, sub-micrometer accuracy, cutting tissue in its native state, lesser heat damage, fewer artefacts, and reduced time in tissue preparations. Rotary microtomes segment is expected to register considerably large revenue share in the global market due to benefits offered by rotary microtomes, including capacity to cut small sections (2–3 mm). Rotary microtomes are suitable for cutting sequential sections and can be readily modified to various types of tissue sectioning.

Technology Outlook:

Based on technology, the global microtome market has been segmented into fully automated microtomes, semi-automated microtomes, and manual microtomes. Fully automated microtomes segment is expected to account for largest revenue share among the technology segments in the global market during the forecast period due to rising demand for technologically advanced microtome devices, particularly in developed countries. Availability of large commercially fully automated systems as well as rising demand for digitization in tissue diagnostic processes are some key factors expected to drive growth of this segment going ahead. Manual microtomes segment revenue is expected to expand at a rapid CAGR during the forecast period due to manual microtomes being less expensive and easier to operate than automatic and semi-automatic microtomes, which is expected to drive the adoption rate of such devices.

Application Outlook:

Based on application, the global microtome market has been segmented into disease diagnosis and medical research. Disease diagnosis segment is expected to account for largest revenue share in the global market during the forecast period owing to increased number of tissue examinations in clinical laboratories and hospitals as a result of rising awareness about the advantages of early detection of chronic diseases such as cancer. Tissue is taken from the patient\’s body for examination in order to determine causes, presence, and severity of the condition. Medical research segment is expected to register significantly rapid revenue growth during the forecast period owing to an increase in demand for new treatments and customized medications.

End-Use Outlook:

Based on end-use, the global microtome market has been segmented into hospital laboratories, clinical laboratories, and others. Hospital laboratories segment is expected to account for comparatively larger revenue share in the global market during the forecast period due to factors including increasing number of regular tissue tests done in hospital-based laboratories around the world as well as expanding patient pool. Clinical laboratories segment is expected to register robust revenue CAGR during the forecast period. Increasing research in a range of fields is driving demand for microtome tools. Research on samples is conducted to determine the efficiency of medications in order to develop more innovative and effective treatments and customized drugs. As a result, extensive research on various disciplines is expected to drive demand for microtome devices in clinical laboratories, and fuel growth of this segment going ahead.

Regional Outlook:

Based on regional analysis, the microtome market in North America is expected to account for largest revenue share over the forecast period attributed to improvements in healthcare infrastructure, increased governmental and private sector investments in in-vitro diagnostics and rising adoption of technologically advanced devices in the medical sector.  In addition, rising prevalence of cancer in countries in North America is driving need for more biopsies to be conducted, which is boosting demand for microtome devices. Furthermore, robust presence of market leaders, including Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Boeckeler Instruments, Inc, and Sakura Finetek USA, Inc. among others in countries in the region, is expected to continue to support growth of the market in this region.

Microtome market in Asia Pacific is expected to register robust revenue CAGR over the forecast period owing to rise in per capita income, rising public awareness about the importance of early diagnostics, and increasing medical tourism in countries such as China, India, Japan, and South Korea. In addition, increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and rapidly increasing elderly population are factors driving demand for diagnostic treatments. As a result, demand for microtome devices is also expected to increase significantly during the forecast period, and boost growth of the market in Asia Pacific.

Competitive Landscape:  

The global microtome market is moderately fragmented with a number of key players operating on global and regional levels. Key players are engaged in product development and strategic alliances to expand their respective product portfolios and gain a robust footing in the global market.

Major players in the market include Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Medite Medical GmbH, Diapath S.P.A., Histo-Line Laboratories Srl, Boeckeler Instruments, Inc., Amos Scientific Pty Ltd., Jinhua YIDI Medical Appliance Co. Ltd., Leica Biosystems Nussloch GmbH, Sakura Finetek USA, Inc., and SLEE Medical GmbH.

Segments Covered in the Report:

This report offers historical data and forecasts revenue growth at a global, regional, and country level, and provides analysis of the market trends in each of the sub-segments from 2022 to 2030. For this study, has segmented the microtome market based on product, technology, application, end-use, and region:

Microtome Market Report Scope

Segments covered By Product Outlook, Technology Outlook, End-Use Outlook, Regional Outlook

By Product Outlook       

Rotary Microtomes

Microtome Instruments

Vibrating Microtomes

Laser Microtomes



Sledge Microtomes

Cryostat Microtomes

Saw Microtomes

Sliding Microtomes

Freezing Microtomes

Hand Microtomes

Compresstome Microtomes


By Technology Outlook

Fully Automated Microtomes

Semi-automated Microtomes

Manual Microtomes

By Application Outlook                

Disease Diagnosis

Medical Research

By End-Use Outlook      

Hospital Laboratories

Clinical Laboratories


Regional scope

North America


Asia Pacific

Latin America

Middle East & Africa

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